WOW! Moments at Lionwood

What's YOUR dream? At Lionwood, we know that each of our residents is unique--with unique life experiences, dreams, and passions. As a part of the Blue Harbor mission, Lionwood Senior Living seeks to create memorable, personalized WOW! Moments for each of our residents. Whether a resident has always dreamed of being a singer, or longs to travel to Hawaii, our staff works to make these dreams possible. Read on to learn about the most recent WOW! Moments here at Lionwood!

Jungle Safari Adventure!

Ivy Newsom is by far one of our sweetest residents. She and her husband Dale moved to our community in 2008 after living in Tonawanda, New York. Her husband suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and she became his primary caregiver. Ivy spent the last few years caring for Dale, often letting her own health and happiness fall to the wayside. After Dale passed away, Ivy started to take care of herself again. During this time, Ivy mentioned that she had always wanted to go on an African Safari, so the Lionwood Team made that happen for her! [...]

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Hawaiian Adventure

At 85 years of age, Lionwood resident, Hazel Hicks, truly seems to be forever young! From the first time we met Hazel, she spoke about her lifelong dream of going to Hawaii. She even shared that she won the talent show in the 10th grade with an intricate hula dance routine. She continued to win many other talent shows throughout high school with the same successful routine. Hazel finished sharing her story by saying, “Wouldn’t it be something if I could go to Hawaii and perform my talent show routine? Now that would be a dream come true!” The Lionwood staff decided to make her dream come true and bring Hawaii to Lionwood so that she could perform! [...]

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An Activity for Every Senior

Our activities team designs Lionwood’s social calendar around the passions and interests of our residents. Do you love art? Social outings? Music? From creative and educational activities, to social parties, to exercise classes, to outings, we offer activities for everyone to engage in.

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